Address: 2594 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, Colorado 81505

 Phone:(970) 462-9696


I think Western Slope Memory Care is the gold standard for memory care in Mesa County. They have the best staff and the most knowledgeable people. They have a very interactive program. It's fantastic and I love that for memory care. I think that was the best place I've looked at for my mom. The rooms were small but well laid out and easily accessible. The dining area was well-maintained and well-staffed. It looked like a great place.


In June of 2021 my family decided it was time to place my dad in assisted living. He has some especially difficult needs and we knew this would be a challenge. My dad is 90 years old, is deaf and blind and suffers from end stage Parkinson's disease. He has Parkinson's disease that causes people to have hallucinations and delusions as well. I contacted several firms to assist my search. I visited many facilities and was feeling rather deflated by the experience. That is until I got to Western Slope. I left Western Slope after talking to staff there knowing I had found the right place for my dad. I found joy there - sadly since my dad lost his wife earlier in the year I knew this was going to be needed. I didn't even bother to go and look at any place else. I had seen enough.

I moved Dad in on October 24th of last year. He was apprehensive and I was apprehensive but it has been fabulous. My dad has friends. He participates in the group activities. The best part is the staff. I have never found a more caring group of people. From the executive director down to the administrative staff dog. They put my mind at ease when I leave him in the evenings that he is being taken care of and loved. The staff have worked with me as well. Helping me to deal with my guilt and worries about my dad. They care for the whole family and not just the resident.

The food is wonderful and I eat there frequently with my dad. They encourage this and I am happy that I am able to do that.

I can't say enough about the beauty of the facility but the compassion and patience of the staff is heavily admired in my eyes. This has been a win/win solution all the way around.

Kevin S.Daughter

Well, what I am going to say isn't short, but it is from the heart. My Dad had Alzheimer's and little bit of dementia. It was hard for me because I was alone; I didn't have support or understand what to expect. The families at Western Slope benefit from our understanding and support.

My goal is to try make this journey as easy as possible. I want to make them laugh, have fun, and share stories. I want them to feel that even with everything they are going through they are not alone. I am here to listen or help. I want to make every day the best it can be for everyone here!

Mary CrossActivities

Western Slope Memory Care is the perfect fit for my Mom. I have found that a smaller facility dedicated to memory care better meets my Mom's needs. The staff is well trained, kind, professional and dedicated to their careers. They have taken their time to really get to know my Mom and I and will go out of their way to accommodate our needs. We found the activities program to be top notch. Their dedicated activity leaders are encouraging and make sure everyone is engaged at their own skill level. The facility is always clean and well maintained and residents are always treated with kindness and respect by everyone on staff. There is a real family atmosphere here and management will go above and beyond to address any issues immediately. We love being part of this wonderful family.

Lugina S.Daughter