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Music as Medicine

We know that brain health and heart health are closely connected. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. One way to reduce anxiety and care for your heart during American Heart Month is to turn on your favorite tunes! According to a seven-year study from University of Belgrade School of Medicine in Serbia, music—particularly music you find soothing—may help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and stress. The study followed 350 patients following a heart attack. The patients were all experiencing a type of post-heart attack chest pain called post-infarction angina. This chest pain can cause stress, and stress exacerbates any existing cardiovascular conditions. Half the patients got standard care following their heart attack, and the other half got music therapy in addition to standard care.

Music therapy makes for easy medicine. It’s simple to implement and practically free. Patients were asked to listen to a selection of soothing music while seated with their eyes closed for 30 minutes a day. After following these patients for seven years, researchers found that the music therapy patients had reduced symptoms of stress, angina, anxiety, and subsequent heart attacks. The music therapy patients had reduced anxiety symptoms by one-third. So, this American Heart Month, try healing your heart with the magic of music!

Western Slope Memory Care is proud of how we integrate music into our Moments Program. Learn more about how our expert staff offers research-based opportunities for sensory stimulation focusing on sight, smell, temperature, touch, and hearing, to create more meaningful communication with our residents.

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